Lucille and the Citizen
or, The Chauvelin Musical
a.k.a., The Chau-show

This is still a great work in progress.  All that I have in my files and my notebooks on it is contained in these pages.  Mostly, it's just lyrics to the songs we've got done, although there are a few dialogued scenes.  Everything here is to be taken in the knowledge that nothing is ever set in stone, or in most cases, even on paper.  And computer files can easily be erased, changed, deleted, etc.  So all of this is extremely subject to change in the near, far, conceivable and inconceivable future.


Songs and scenes, in approximate order

1.   Opening Scene
2.   I Dreamed A Dream (Intro)
3.   Who Are You Now?
4.   Scene 1
5.   Quartet
6.   You'll Never Be Alone Again
7.   You Must Love Me
8.   You and I
9.   Revelation Scene
10.   I Know Him So Well
11.   Where I Want To Be
12.   Secret Soul
13.   No Contest
14.   The Day Has Come
15.   Who Are You Now? (Reprise)
16.   Brave Enough For Love