Opening Scene

Such as it is, this is what I have of the opening.  I believe it takes place sometime in June or July of 1791, right after the Pimpernel's started operating, and just before Lucy returns to England.  This can be changed later on, of course.


Lucy:  (following him out of the room, her hands on her hips) If you truly believe that you can ignore me by simply walking out of this room, you are mistaken!
Chauvelin:  (turning sharply)  If only I could ignore you, Lucille.
Lucy:  Is that how the French argue, Armand?  Why fight when you can run away? (jeering)
Chauvelin:  Because I have better things to do than engage in pointless arguing with you.  Why should I waste my time fighting when there's work to be done?  I should very much like to know what the English get done, if they spend all their time standing around arguing over nothing.
Lucy:  Ah yes.  Better things to do. (pauses, pretending to look thoughtful) What is on your schedule for the day?  Not catching the Pimpernel?
Chauvelin:  (fumes)  That was unneccessary, Lucy.  There are a myriad of things I must do before the night is done--and that imbecile has nothing to do with any of them.
Lucy:  (holds hands out in an "I give up" motion)  Well, don't let something as small and insignificant as our marriage disrupt your evening.  Please . . .
Chauvelin:  (quietly, almost reluctantly)  Our marriage.  I used to be able to call it that without flinching.
Lucy:  (turns away, closing her eyes)  What happened to us?
Chauvelin:  I wish I knew.  (sighs)  I'll be in my study, if something important comes up.  If not, I'll see you in the morning.