You'll Never Be Alone Again
from Tale of Two Cities

This one needs to be worked on.  The line in [] shouldn't be there (it doesn't fit with the music), and where there are ... we need another line.  Take another listen to it, if you will, and see what you maybe can think of--I've tried, and nothing has come to mind.  So, it's not back-to-the-drawing-board for this one, but definitely scribble-on-a-napkin-on-the-floor time, if you catch my drift. ;)



Close your eyes
Let memory fly away
We'll never be alone again


Come with me, we'll find a brighter tomorrow
[The time has come to say goodbye to sorrow]
And never fear the darkness again


We both were lost, but that life is far behind us
Lay down this pain
The shadows of the past
We've seen the very last of what we knew
Somehow we'll learn to forget the emptiness we've known
. . . And never be alone again
We'll never be alone again