You and I
from Chess

Just a part of the song from the Chess OBC.  It comes right after a sweeping instrumental part, if you can find it by listening.  It also serves as a neat "Where I Want To Be" reprise of sorts.  And, the lyrics didn't even need altering.



You knew better than me
Where your ambitions would take us;
I knew sooner than you
That those ambitions would break us;
You would not believe me,
Why should you believe me . . .
I held you back,
You and your dreams . . .

Who needs a dream?
Who needs ambition?
Who'd be the fool
In my position?
Year after year
I'm still denying
Anything's changed,
Anything's dying . . .

But, then . . .

Lucy and Chauvelin

You and I,
We've seen it all,
Been down this road before . . .


But I go on pretending,
Stories like ours
Have happy endings . . .