October 26, 2000:  Closed the site for many and varied renovations.  All updates put on hold until the site is cleaned up.  We, the management, thank you for your patience.

September 13, 2000:  Okay, okay, okay!!!!  I'm updating! ::grins::  We're back, at last, and we have much to do.  For tonight, there are major updates from Jehan's side of the website:  Lots of new fanfic.  First, we have two new chapters in Reclaiming the Jackal, which I hope will be well received--considering I've gotten email requesting more of it.  I would have gotten the email sooner if someone had thought to check the email address once in a while.  ::glares at Jennifer::  It's mostly your email, anyway, M'sieur Crabby.  Moving on . . . we have one new chapter in the ongoing BP II saga, as well as two new short pieces: The Letter, a bit of random agony, and Sacrifices, also a bit of random agony.  Both are written on the premise of a rocky marriage between Chauvelin and the sister of Sir Andrew Ffoulkes--consider yourself warned.  And on a happy note, I have been sent a very nice work by Janet Mitchell entitled As Love Is Reborn that considers the rekindling of a romance.  Please read it--so far, I find it very enjoyable indeed.  Okay, Jehan, people are going to think I bled all over the screen or something.  Soon ::said with crossed fingers:: I shall return and update further!  Au revoir and so long . . . Jen & Jehan

June 3, 2000: Well. Five months since the last update. Some of you may have thought me dead, or at least in an advanced state of coma. Don't worry. I'm not. I'm just extremely lazy. Moving on to the update of the day: To all concerned (that's everybody reading this, in case you don't know), this will be the last update before August. Yes, that's right, it's that time of year when Jennifer goes away and becomes nonexistent in the land of the Internet for months at a time. I can hear all of you sobbing. (All you members of La Cour, you are not included in my sarcasm. ;) ) Anyhow, updates from Jehan's desk: "When Terror Comes Full Circle" (that's the Chauvelin-out-of-character-and-married-to-an-Englishwoman story) is finished and up. Go read if you can handle the cheese. Really, there ought to be a warning from the National Dairy Association on this one, I'm not kidding. See you all at the end of summer and don't let the sun melt ya . . . Jen & Jehan

 January 21, 2000: ::ducks to avoid the flying smelly cheese:: I know, I know--I haven't updated in three months! Well, worry no more--something new today, from the resident poet: Something new added to the Poetry Book--Heard No More. This one is pretty scary, I must admit.

 October 30, 1999: From Jehan's desk: Hey, I don't have a desk! Ah, well, c'est la vie . . . lots of new things in the Poetry Book today. Four Les Mis poems from Loren, and from Jennifer, three poems, two new chapters in "The Sportsman", a new short soliloquy, and the beginnings of one new long story altogether . . . which pretty much catches us up! Enjoy, mes amies!

 October 11, 1999: Okay, it's been longer than I said it would be . . . bear with me here, I've got some hard classes this quarter. A lot of little updates around the site have occurred--did you notice? ;) For today; an emergency page under the Scarlet Pimpernel heading, and new additions to the Poetry Book: the sequel you hoped would never happen! BP II is here! Mwahahaah! ;)

 September 19, 1999: From the desk of Jehan, our resident revolutionary and literary specialist: Bonjour! I've added a new story of Jennifer's to the Poetry Book: a new crossover called Reclaiming the Jackal. More updates to come, as always!

 September 18, 1999: We're back! Updates, as I have planned them, will be coming over the next few days . . . for today, new chapters of "The Humble Wayside Flower" (yes, I know, finally!) up in the Poetry Book. More to come!

 June 8, 1999: Okay, okay, I know. It's been a long while. A new submission to the Notebook today, and I'm afraid that's going to be the last update for a very long time. I'm moving back home from college tomorrow, which means my Internet access will be significantly reduced, so much so that I won't be able to update. I fully intended to write some more fiction, but my brain had other ideas . . . and since the end of the quarter took precedence, I really couldn't put my mind to the task. So if I can get any new stuff I write over the summer posted through a friend, there will be some updates. However, they might not be announced on this page--keep your eyes open! So, I must say, "see you in September . . ." (does anybody else recognize that oldies song?)

 April 30, 1999: You have been invited to meet some friends at their home, Greybrooke Hall. Really, they're very nice people. I think you will enjoy the story they have to tell . . .

 April 28, 1999: A new addition from Jehan: Jennifer has written a Les Mis poem called To Marie, Avec Amour, supposedly from me to my mistress, written at the barricade. I tried to tell her I didn't have much time to write poetry then . . . but I don't think she cared much. Ah, well; enjoy it.

 April 17, 1999: From Jehan: It's all finished! The Poetry Book is fully up-to-date, meaning that if it isn't there now, either it's not going up or Jennifer hasn't written it yet. And there are three contributions of insanity from Calista. Enjoy! Au revoir!

 April 12, 1999: What happens when I get bored? I do senseless and obsessive things. Like typing up the entire libretto to the Les Mis Tenth Anniversary Concert. If you have a little (or a lot of) time, go check it and see if I made any glaring mistakes. If you find some, please e-mail the corrections to musainabc33@hotmail.com and I'll try to fix them. And as the site is about six months old now (I didn't record it's actual "birthdate", since it sort of gradually came together, but I know it was sometime in the beginning or middle of November), it's time for a new name. Welcome to the happy house of obsessive insanity. Hope you like it. :)

 April 8, 1999: From Jehan: Bonjour! I added a guestbook to my page today, so please sign it! I'd like to know who visits my page every once in a while. Au revoir!

 April 5, 1999: Received a new award - the "You Are My Cheese" award. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. :)

 March 31, 1999: Finally, finally I've caught up with updating the links, both Pimpernel and Les Mis. And a note from Jehan: "Bonjour. Over the next few days I'm going to be slowly adding to the fanfiction in the Poetry Book--there's a lot of it to put up. So I won't be giving update announcements about fanfiction for the next few weeks except in the following two cases: one, somebody besides Jennifer sends me some fanfiction and I put it up; and two, I finally finish putting up Jennifer's collection and I give notice that her stories are all up, such as they are. Thank you and au revoir!"

 March 27, 1999: Spring is here and it's time to update again. New addition to the notebook. And a major addition to the Les Mis site--I've acquired a tenant. His name is Jean Prouvaire and he pays the rent by organizing my fan fiction. Well, he will when I give it to him. Please visit his new page: he's a little lonely with just my company.

 March 11, 1999: I know, I know, it's been a while since I last updated. Blame it on Winter Quarter Finals next week. Yuck. Anyway, enjoy the cheese-free page while you can, because I'm in the process of putting up my many and varied fanfics. That's right! You really didn't think you could escape them, did you? Ah, well, you have your freedom for a few weeks yet, because I'm busy studying now, and they won't be done until April, most likely. But in the meanwhile, I've adopted an Ami de l'ABC on the main Les Mis page. To see who it is, you'll have to visit. But I'll give you a clue: he's a lot like me. Okay, so that wasn't such a great clue. But it is a tidbit of potentially interesting information. Confused yet? Then go see the Ami I've adopted and maybe you'll understand.

 February 26, 1999: The character pages for Les Misérables are finally up. The sound files linked to the pictures may work, and they may not, I haven't had a chance to test them yet. If they don't work, tell me at musainabc33@hotmail.com. All the pictures come from the Official Les Misérables web page.

 February 24, 1999: Slowly, very slowly, I'm trying to get some sounds back up on this page. Tripod seems to have an unreasonable aversion to sound files. It took me two tries each, but the two sounds I put up on the Scarlet Pimpernel musical page did load for me, finally. I might start recording some Les Mis sounds off the Tenth Anniversary Concert recording for the Les Mis page today as well. We'll see . . .

 February 18, 1999: Added a response to the notebook and did general tidying up of the site. All links should now go where they say they do. Should being the operative word.

 February 17, 1999: Talk about updates. A new look to the main page and a whole new wing. Have fun, but the Les Misérables page isn't anywhere near finished, so please be patient. Also created this updates page. Aren't you glad? Okay, you don't have to be if you don't want to . . .

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