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At First Sight

A glance.
A single glance, that is all,
Meant to be a brief assessment
Of the lady's appearance,
And then I am lost.
The brief glance
Becomes a long, lingering gaze.
Captivated by her beauty,
The radiance of her presence,
I cannot look away.
But in my mind
I reach out my hand for hers.
She takes it
With a most beautiful curtsey,
And we begin to dance.
It matters not
That there is no music,
Nor that we are alone in a dream world.
We dance to the music of our minds,
A dream-like waltz
To the haunting melody
Of our enchantment.
I drown myself in her eyes,
For I would be content
To spend eternity
Gazing at her beauty.
After all,
Anyone would have done as much.

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