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by Calista and Danina

Andrew: Percy, what is WRONG!?!?!?

Percy: I..I just don't know Ffoulkes..Marguerite's been acting so strange...and I KNOW it's not THAT because I haven' t been home enough to MAKE one of THOSE...

Marguerite: I'd never noticed how....buff Lord Tony is.

Suzanne: Buff? Ohhhh......buffff! ::both women run after Tony, trying to pinch his delectable derriere::


Suzanne: ::rolls eyes:: Spoilsport!! OOOOh, Margot, check out THAT hunk o flesh....::points to Chauvelin, and Marguerite squeals with delight::

Chauvelin: LADIES! No, Marguerite, you may NOT see what kind of underwear I wear these days! Madame Ffoulkes, unless you are a dental hygenist, I would appreciate you removing your tongue FROM my mouth! (Heh!)

((Comments: Yeah, that was a nasty-gutterish sort of comment. It's not MY fault.))

The Prince comes lurching over

Prince: Oh LAAAADIES...*

Marguerite and Suzanne: FROU FROU! FROU FROU! ::they throw themselves at the POW and begin ripping frou frou from his body::

Prince: Ladies, please! There's enough royalty to go around!

Percy: ::sighing sadly:: Where did we go wrong, Ffoulkes?

Ffoulkes: ::shrugs:: Search me. I'm going across to one of thoes beaches in France, Percy..the League can get on without me.

Percy: One of the beaches were the ladies go sans brassiere? Hmmm. Why don't we leave Dewhurst to run the League--what say you?

Dewhurst: HEY!!!

Percy: Oh, all right, man. Marguerite and Suzanne can run the League. About time those women do some work.....I'm tired of supporting Margot's wardrobe fund ANYWAYS.

Marguerite: ::looks up from the frou frou surrouding her:: EXCUUUUSE me?

Percy: Nothing, dearest. We'll just make Suzanne the Scarlet Pimpernel. She'd never notice, anyways. Poor dear seems a bit... ::twirls a finger near his head in a -she's-mental-motion:: ..confused by life, as it is.

Suzanne: Scarlet Pimpernel? Will I get as many men as you got females?

Andrew: Hmm, she's not as stupid as you thought, Blakeney.

Percy: Undoubtedly, my dear woman.

Suzanne: ::frowns:: I can't be the Scarlet Pimpernel. Red is awful with my complexion! Could I be the Cerulean Pimpernel? Blue looks much nicer on me....

Ffoulkes: ::Hastily, edging toward the day dream and those nude beaches:: of COURSE, love.

Suzanne: ::claps happily:: Goody! Come, Margot, we must be off shopping--the League's costumes will need redesigned completely! Goodbye, Lord Blakeney and, err...what WAS your name again? Andrew, was it?

Andrew: Something along those lines. ::grabs Percy and dashes for the Daydream:::

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