Les MisÚrables

Welcome to the Obsession's new wing, devoted to
Les MisÚrables. My name is Jennifer and I will be your
guide today. Please put down your carbine, tie on your
regulation tricolor sash, and have fun exploring!

This page is always under construction, so we hope you
return often. It's brand new now, though, and it's
extremely incomplete, so there will be more of it
coming later.

Read the story synopsis from the Tenth Anniversary
Concert Recording here.

For your reading pleasure, the TAC libretto.

A listing of the characters, with my humble thoughts
on each . . .

We know they're out there. Find them at
Database A B C.

Here's a listing of links to very informative Les Mis
sites (unlike this one).

Everything you ever wanted to know (and some things
you probably didn't) about your guide.

I've adopted an Ami de l'ABC!

I've always liked Jean Prouvaire. I think he's kind of
like me, in a way. He's quiet and a romantic, and so
am I. And I think this is the cutest picture! Isn't it? :)

And now Jehan's got his own page here. Visit
Jehan's Poetry Book for soon-to-come fan fiction.

E-mail me at Dewhurst@bigfoot.com

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