'Tis me.  Yes, I am this fuzzy in real life. ;)  It's the only picture of myself that I have, okay?


Guys, what can I say about me that you don't know?  I really don't know . . . you know that I'm insane, so that's out . . . ;)

I like blue.  A lot.  That's why this page is blue.  (Jehan wanted it to be red, but I told him no.  It hurts my eyes.)  Almost everything I own is blue, in fact, which makes me scared of myself sometimes . . . ;)

You all know I live in Alabama, land of Southern hicks and rednecks. ;)  No surprise there.

I live in a dormitory room with one oblivious roommate and a small Harem living under the floorboards . . . they're building a torture chamber down there for me.  (And if Jehan can ever find the plans, they'll build a guillotine too.)

I'm not even bringing up cheese.  Or coffee. ;)

Want to see where I live?  Actually, it's just the city where I live most of the year . . . they put a camera in the attic of the oldest building on campus, and it transmits live pictures to the Internet (supposedly every three minutes) . . .

Auburn University SamCam

It's not the best picture--a bit distorted--but it's not too bad. :)

Okay, here's something new--got a question about that demmed elusive Cosmic Convergence Mobile?  Just curious?  Well, because I happen to be extremely bored, I sat down and wrote down all the theory and so-called fact I could think of about it . . .

 The Semi-Official CCM Technical Manual

And of course, there's that webpage of mine--don't say it!  I know what you're thinking!  Update, update!  ;)

Happy house of obsessive insanity (I REALLY need a new name for it)

Well, that's about all I've got to say here.  ::grins::  And aren't you happy.