Why should you care what it means?


We are . . . the Evil WarChicks of the Apocalypse.

Someday, sooner than you think, we will rule the world and you shall all be the scum beneath our feet.  No, scratch that--you're already the scum beneath our feet.  When we rule the world, you'll just be scum beneath our feet that know it.

We are . . . not the good girls next door.

We are to be feared, not patronized.  In fact, we hate being patronized.  So don't even try it.  Fear us, cower before us, revere us as your destined rulers, and you will live to do it all again tomorrow.

We are . . . not idiots.

You are sadly mistaken if you ever believe we can be overthrown.  We're too smart for that.  We're smarter than you, and we have the power to prove it--any attempt at a coup will result in your timely demise.  Something which we will enjoy, even if you do not.

We are . . . your future masters.

Believe us, there will be big benefits for all those on the good side of our favor when the world finally comes to its knees.  It would be a good thing for you, then, to get on the right side of our favor now, and not to wait until we can destroy you with a single spoken word--and a very powerful weapon.

So, who are we?

Just call us . . . Cheese . . . and Torture.  Anything more would be superfluous.

Until the day of our dominance, scum.  ::evil grins and laughs resound::