About the obsessor . . . oh, sorry, author . . .

Do you really want to know that badly? Ok, ok, I'll indulge you . . . but don't blame me if you fall asleep!

I was born on February 22, 1980, in the state of Alabama. That means I'm nineteen now. I have enjoyed reading all my life . . . well, okay, ever since I learned to read. I have been known to read books over and over again until the paperbacks are unreadable without growing tired of them. That takes care of my first love.

My second love is music. I have sung in church or school choirs ever since I was four, and have loved every minute of it. I can't explain it; I love singing. I also love listening to music, and often the two happen at once, to the dismay of my roommate! (I don't sing very well sometimes . . .) My favorite music genres are classical and Broadway. An odd coupling, yes, but I love them both!

My love of Broadway leads me to my third love: the theater. Don't be confused, though; I cannot act. But I love watching others that really have a talent for it perform. I've always believed singing in a concert to be similiar to acting, though, especially if performing show tunes. You have to express the mood of the music in your face . . . and that's pretty much the full depth of my acting experience. However, I made a foray into the world of musical theatre over the summer, in a church play . . . all I can say is, never again.

Lastly, I am an avid figure skating fan, especially professional figure skating. The fact that they often skate to some of the best of Broadway and popular music might have something to do with that . . . or it might be the good looks of some of those men . . .

Ok, wake up now! I told you you'd fall asleep, you know . . .

December 13

Merry Christmas!

hmmf . . . Eh? Sink me, are you done babbling yet? (Pimpernel)
That was boring . . . I'd rather build a barricade. (Les Mis)